Practice Areas

Mitigate risks and make informed decisions that enable your company to operate responsibly

From financial risks to operational risks to overall enterprise risks, identifying all risks and ensuring that controls are in place to mitigate them is key to maintaining a successful organization. We can evaluate, identify, and document your organization’s risks. If there are risks that are identified without mitigating controls, we can identify, develop, and implement the necessary mitigating controls.

Risk and Control Support (Sarbanes-Oxley & Model Audit Rule)

Our consultants have significant experience with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) implementation and testing as well as Model Audit Rule (MAR) implementation and testing. We can assist your organization by either leading or supporting your compliance efforts. 

Internal Audit Support and Co-Sourced Internal Audit Arrangements

Co-Sourced Internal Audit Arrangements can be an effective and efficient means of maintaining an internal audit department without the overhead and staffing costs. We will work directly with your Director of Internal Audit to develop audit programs and conduct internal audits that will efficiently evaluate your internal controls and risks as well as identify areas for process improvement.  We will collaborate with your management team while maintaining a state of independence, allowing the external auditors to rely upon our procedures.

External Audit Preparation - We will help you reduce the overall cost of an external audit by preparing your organization for the audit and performing internal audit procedures which may be relied upon by the external auditors. Our quality and attention to detail is unrivaled by many in our field, and our competitive pricing is substantially less than external audit fees, resulting in significant cost savings to your organization.

Internal Audit Support - We will support your existing internal audit team when your organization has insufficient in-house resources. We are able to provide internal resources at all levels, including staff, managers, senior managers, or directors. 

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