Practice Areas

Ensure compliance, accuracy, and transparency in your financial reporting

Accounting and Financial Reporting Compliance, under both US GAAP and IFRS

Today, financial reporting has become quite complex, whether under the United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles or under International Financial Reporting Standards. We can assist your internal financial reporting team with compliance issues and we can backfill unfilled reporting roles.

Financial Statement Compilation and Analysis

Do you have an in-house bookkeeper who is skilled at bookkeeping, but not financial reporting? We will extract the financial data from your accounting system and develop internal financial statements which you can use to analyze your business performance. The financial statements are "internally developed" and therefore not considered audited, reviewed, or compiled.

Financial statement analysis may be in the form of benchmarking, ratio analysis, or overall line by line financial statement analytics. We will structure the engagement according to your request.

Transparency and understanding is extremely important to internal management, the board of directors, and outside investors or shareholders.  It is imperative that all financial statement readers and users understand what is being reported so that they can make informed decisions regarding your organization. As part of our financial reporting services, we are happy to assist in educating the readers and users of your financial statements.

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